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"Cozy Haus Designs is a full-service and luxury interior design firm based in Birmingham, MI. We strive to create thoughtful and approachable homes with an emphasis on liveable luxury, all rooted in timeless tradition.

I do what I do, because I fell in love with interiors and design from a very young age. When I walk into a space, I'm instantly visualizing what it could be and have a strong sense for the flow of a room and capturing my clients' desires. I'm thankful we have an amazing team that can help me communicate my design concepts in a way our clients can visualize and understand.

One of my favorite parts about interiors is the relationship building process between us and our clients. Our goal is always to the enhance the quality of life of our clients and their families. We want to create the gathering place for your family for years to come. Having three kids of my own, I can relate to the needs of my clients. Between club sports, private school activities, work travel and so much can be so busy. No matter what season of life you're in, the last thing we want our clients to juggle or worry about is their design project.

We've developed an amazing process that elevates streamlined client- communication and exceptional customer service, with a dreamy final installation. Whether you're on vacation with the family or just trying to keep up with the overloaded calendar - your project will go on. You can trust that our team is working diligently on your behalf to keep your project on schedule and executed according to the plan.

What I think sets us apart? Honestly, it's our attention to detail and our timeless approach. The purpose that inspires this business is authenticity. Wanting our spaces to reflect who we are and who we truly want to become. Not overly-complicated or busy. Just Beautiful and Complete. "

-Bri Thiede

Founder & Principal Designer

Cozy Haus Designs

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